Project | Tangostory


Ars Tango ensemble featuring

Borut Zagoranski - accordion
Matija Krečič - violine
Mladen Delin - piano
Marko Korošec - guitar
Žiga Golob - doublebass
solists: Nuška Drašček ,  Lela Kaplowitz – vocal
Nino Mureškič - percussion
Andreja Podlogar & Blaž  Bertoncelj – dance


Mladen Delin 


Tango Story is one of the projects of the European Capital of Culture (EPK) Maribor 2012. Together with the world famous violinist Stefan Milenkovich, the group performed on the biggest stages in Slovenia, Croatia and  Bosnia and Herzegovina, and also had a very successful tour in the USA. This time it returns in the renewed occupation by one of the most important current generation of virtuosos Borut Zagoranski on accordion, Matija Krečič on violin, Žiga golob on double bass, Marko Korošec on guitar and leader of the project Mladen Delin on the piano. Special guests will be world dance champions in tango Andreja Podlogar and Blaž Bertoncelj, and on vocal one of the best Slovenian singer Nuška Drašček. 
Internationally renowned musicians will take you from the old Tango Vieho from taverns and a brothel to Tango Nuevo, a classical modern tango.


From its begins until today tango evolved into a social and cultural phenomena. Tango is not just mere dancing; it is a philosophy, the way of life. It rose from the brothel to concert stages around the world. In the past years it went through a revival and achieved massive popularity all around the world.

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