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Ars Tango and violinist Stefan Milenkovich delivered an unforgettable American debut in Indianapolis. Their incredibly personal performance was filled with breathtaking musicianship. Their wonderful artistry is only matched by their genuine passion for their music making!

''Glen Kwok; International Violin Competition of Indianapolis (ZDA)''


Romantics, which was prevalent in the Concert Hall, made all in attendance »shut down« and get totaly influenced by music.

''Fokus Banja Luka''


Performance of all the musicians was a perfect blend of the very best what uniteing in classical chamber music and in playing jazz can bring.

''Jutranji list''


Masters of the craft

ArsTango group and two soloists – Hatlak and Milenkovic – play their parts with such passion and evidently enjoying the sound they produce, that it must take over the audience.

"Tango Story produces the atmosphere that is indelibly remembered from scene in Baz Luhrmann's film "Moulin Rouge".



The concert Tango Story was dominated by the right musical chemistry.