Marko Hatlak – accordion | Tangostory
Marko Hatlak


Marko Hatlak finished the SecondaryMusicSchoolin Ljubljanaand ventured to study the concert accordion in Germany, where he graduated with the renowned Professor Ivan Koval at the Franz Liszt High School of Music in Weimar. Because of his desire to perfect his work he continued and finished his studies with a postgraduate at the High Schoolof Musicin Würzburg with the extraordinary Professor Stefan Hussong.

His repertoire contains the performances of baroque, renaissance and contemporary music, since the interpretation of classical music is a testament to which he is constantly returning, researching and delving into. Alongside his solo concerts he also performs in a duet with the renowned violinist Karmen Pečar and other renowned Slovene musicians. A counter weight to Hatlak`s intellectualist research is the performing of tango music through which he can most vividly express his essence – a passionate search beyond himself, beyond his capabilities and the capabilities of his instrument. As founder and art director he is active in the band Funtango, with which he mostly performs the works of Astor Piazzola. In this past year he also participates in Tango Story project with the world-famouse violinist Stefan Milenkovic.. As a regular member he also participates in the band Terrafolk, but is also active in his other art projects in the filed of theatre and film.

In recent years he had concerts inFrance,Germany,Italy,Spain,England,Croatia,Sweden, the Czech,Bosnia and Herzegovinaand all larger concert stages inSlovenia. He performed with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Big Band RTV Slovenia, the RTV Slovenia Symphonic Orchestra, Carmina Slovenica and at various famous recitals.