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Luka Herman


Born on 3rd July in Ptuj (Slovenia) and a former student at the music Conservatory inKlagenfurtinAustria, where he graduated in 2010 from the department for jazz contrabass. He is continuing his studies at the department of Instrumental Pedagogic. He started his music career in his late teens, first as an electric bass player in the rock band Popcorn, Traffic Jam and others. It was the guitarist Samo Šalamon who introduced him to jazz and became his mentor. After successfully completing the entrance examinations at the music Conservatory inKlagenfurthe got his hands on a contrabass and began to dedicate most of his time to it.

In the past he participated with numerous music bands and musicians like Wellblott, Siti Hlapci, Essaouira project, Samo Šalamon, Igor Bezget, Goran Alachki, Jen Paches, Big Band Ptuj, Marko Grobler, Marko Hatlak, Martin Belič, Bernd Reiter and many others. He also participated in more renowned projects like Petra Genetrix (music-theatre show), Arabeskas (music-dance show), Hair (the musical with which he visited theUSA), and so on.

Currently he is active in jazz bands (like Kontraglas, Vid Jamnik quartet) in a string duet New Paris (with the violinist Doris Šegula), Tango Story (Stefan Milenkovič, Marko Hatlak) and other music bands (vocal band VOXARSANA, a band with an Austrian singer Sigrid Gerger and pianist Rob Bargad, Bilbi, pop band Black Coffe,…).

In 2010 he began to teach bass guitar and contrabass at the jazz department at theKarolPahorMusicSchoolin Ptuj, and  recently at the jazz department at the music Conservatory inMaribor. He still teaches at CID Ptuj.